How the fascination started…

In one day appears unexpectedly impulse in your life. It’s something that born in you fascination. From that moment nothing is the same as it was before.
Suddenly the world opens to you its doors. You realize that, what you know is only a small part what exists in the universe.  You realize that you can love another countries, different cultures, and people … You see that travelling is this what can realize your dreams.

Before you leave everything you have had in the past: life,  friends, family, memories and start your  journey an unknown world  absorb you and actually can melt your heart…

Erasmus once – Erasmus forever

One day groups of people had opened colorful book with dreams, travels, #adventures, fun, cultures…  In all pages of that book everything was easy, beautiful, full of amazing experiences. Mobility and  interesting opportunities of spend free time; easiness of socializing in the new environment; curiosity of world around; impressive stories about cultures – that was great and inspiring.

The people I am talking about was mainly Erasmus students (Erasmus +), foreigners in city I lived and Polish people from student associations, who worked in intercultural area. I had connection with Erasmus Student Network ESN Your Erasmus Support – organization for help foreign students; AIESECorganization of foreign practises; European Volunteering Service programme EVS; language exchanges. 


Erasmus once – Erasmus forever it is very popular sentence. In my case meeting with this programme had big influence for my life, mentality, future decisions… Erasmus teach being more open-minded,  curious of other cultures and is initiating the desire to travel.

During my university life I have never move for studying abroad. But years of being mentor of abroad students and active in intercultural youth educational life changed me a lot. Need to travel, mobility, discovering new reality life didn’t let me stay in simple, usual life.

Spanish dream come true

Mainly I was fixed in Spanish culture, as a mentor of Spanish people and organization of the events. That was my first step to the new adventure… Belove you can see link to video about my first experiences with Spanish culture.

Spanish reality soon started to be present long years in my life… Some people didn’t understand why I am so fascinated of it. But I felt, that this is my way and I have to follow it…

Finally I decided to learn Spanish language, then I applied for international projects in Madrid . Now Spain is my new home…

Follow you dreams

When one day you will ask – try intercultural experience or no – even don’t analyze – just fly with gust of the wind to unknown places. In the fututure you will regret things which you didn’t do, no things you did.


  1. I’m glad you’re enjoying your time in Spain! 🇪🇸 it’s a beautiful country. Erasmus is also a brilliant scheme that’s allows chances of travel like this to become possible.

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