3 reason why you should organize trip by yourself

Have you ever think to organize your trip yourself? Have you ever thought how much joy you can have from developed independently travel plan? Do you know the visiting unknown places can be addicting as your favourite game?

Doing by myself – better !!!

Many people love to see new countries / cities…  Whenever they decide to travel they become in the face of organizational challenges. They raise the question how to do it well? How to gain from the itinerary more than yould expect?

Recommendation to getting the most out of your trip is: DO ALL BY YOUR OWN!

Since I move to Spain I started to organize most of my trips independently or with friends. The planning and implementation of the journeys was incomparably better than when somebody does it for you.

Architect and professor of travel game

Discovering places through your own plan can give you many benefits:

  1. Architect travel

You may feel like an artist, architect, creator.  The journey is the shape you want to give it a. Arranging trips through you requires you to be creative and intellectuall effort. It is like making your own travel business plan.

You select specific places which you like, period of time spend an, order sightseeing. Thanks to this you will realize journey in your personal way tailored to your needs, wishes, dreams…

2. Learning as a pleasure

Creating a travel plan requires you to read about places which you are going to visit.  In this way you can learn and memorize more. Your mind had to be focused on this work, because you incur full responsibility for action, activities. Reading, watching videos, photos of the places  born fascination with them. You begin to think how they look in reality! You can not wait when you finally will be there and see choosed places with your own eyes.

3. Fascination game

When you already developed your plan – time to explore the goodness and curiosities which this place offers. So let’s play the game created by you! You have your own map – now it is time to find identifications marked by you! You are walking and looking for mysteries and secret hidden in the city point by point. You can go and use GPS on your phone feeling like with a gold prospector. Every place is like an island of  treasures hidden by pirates. By finding monuments, buildings, formations of nature, etc. you are collecting more and more points. In the end of the trip you are a winner.

Travel on the way you like

Your personal tour gives you more benefits, than ready prepared by someone else. You can be trip architect, boss of your travel plan, develop your cultural study and play absorb journey game.


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