6 interesting facts about New Year´s Eve Spain Madrid

First New Year´s Eve abroad

31 December is special day in a lot of countries. One year is finishing and another starting. It is night of parties, fun, happiness. It is also time of reflections: summary of the previous months, future planning, new year wishes and assumptions for the future year. In Poland we are saying: how will you spend your New Year´s Eve the same will be the next whole year. For this reason we have big celebration.

This time Sylwester 2016/2017 (as we call it in Poland) I spend in Spain  in Madrid where I am living now. Let´s enjoy with me that experience…

1. Familiar celebration

In Spain New Year’s Eve is called Nochevieja and it is more familiar celebration. In Poland it is more celebration dedicated for friends . People in the same age are organizing their groups for have party.

2. Madrid Sol full of funny hats

If one year you will decide spend your New Year´s Eve in Madrid – capital of Spain – go to Sol – main square. It is really crowdy that night and I recommend go there earlier. When the square is full, police closes gates and do not let more people to enter.

The first things which can catch attention at Sol are funny wigs, hats (also in the shape of Christmas tree) and glasses (with number 2017)  which people wear. It is colorful and great view. Sol is full of life and happiness. Big attraction at Sol in that period of the time is huge lightening Xmas tree. This year it had blue colour.


3. Campanada –  12 grapes and the striking of the clock

Before midnight in Spanish streets there is a lot of people with grapes – this tradition is called Campanadas. Are you curious what connection have these fruits with New Year? Spanish tradition says to eat 12 grapes with 12 rings of the clock. Clock is ringing exactly on midnight. You have to eat 1 in all of one ring and do not miss any. People believe that in that case you will have happiness. It was really new experience for me because in Poland we do not have that tradition. Our symbol of New Year is champagne. At 00.00 people go out in the streets open champagnes and  ell wishes to each other. In Madrid was similar – here also friends are hugging each other with the best wishes .


4. City Hall in artificial fires

The thing that many of you loves in New Year’s Eve night are artificial fires. Black night sky with lights of the fires looks amazing. The show at Sol was amazing. The compositions of fireworks were perfectly matched. Roof of city hall was covered with a mass of colors. Just a pity that it was no 20 – 30 minutes but around 5.


5. Where are the singers?

In polish cities in New Year there are organized concerts. Big scene stands in the centre and famous stars are singing. The people who spend time at home with family watch them on TV. In Madrid Sol there were no stage with concerts and music how accustomed to polish celebration I expected.

People are simple are gather in the centre and in cheerful mood, New Year’s noise are waiting for hour 00.00. Great thing of Spain is that the nights aren’t as cold so you can stay quite long time outside.

6. Madrid- city which never sleeps

After eating grapes, drink chapagne and  saying wishes people moved from Sol.  There is a lot of offerts of parties for New Year´s includes clubs, terraces. The lines for the clubs are really long. More people get dress more elegant for clubs that usual day. I spend time in some disco pub close to La Latina. It was great opportunity to dance near latin music without paying high  New Year’s Eve price for entrance.


Great New Year’s Eve

I really enjoy my New Year´s Eve in Spain. So if you wanna spend your time there – I really recommend. Tradition of 12 grapes, square full of people, cheerful mood, parties for sure make your night unforgettable.

Few of photos published in that article are made by: Jesus Ibañez Bondzio

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25 thoughts on “6 interesting facts about New Year´s Eve Spain Madrid

  1. ahhh you’re just making me want to go to spain even more now haha – great piece, from when I wrote the post you commented on I have already quit the job, I am looking to move to Spain sometime in February – I have just today started to look for work in Spain. What kind of work do you do out there?

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    1. It is worth to see country – I am happy that i increased you inspiration of it 🙂 I invite you to follow my blog – I am going to publish more about that country – so probably you will be interesting to read it 🙂 Good luck in your work research 🙂 I am here few moths working in one project 🙂

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