4 places like from Paradice in Alicante Spain

First visit to paradise

I am from quite cold country and there are no exotic plants. In Polish mentality palms are symbol of holiday paradise: sun, beaches, relaxation. When someone is on vacation in hot country – is very common take a picture with a palm tree and then show the whole  family or friend or publish on social networks.  


Steping on Spanish ground

When I made the first step in Alicante  I felt like in paradise. Alicante is a Spanish city near the Mediterranean Sea. This was my first time in Spain. In may 2015 I took the plane Norwegian Airline towards Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport , then by fast train Renfe from Atocha Station I traveled to Alicante. I arrived there at night. It was very hot. Night lights penetrating through the leaves of palm trees, pleasantly warm enveloping body and fresh mediterranean air – it was incomparably nice sensation. I was looking around and I was more and more falling in love with Spain.IMG_20150514_134453a.jpg

1. Walking around the beaches

As it was really hot, beaches were amazing to spend timeon them. Postiguet Beach situated in Costa Blanca is great for for lie in the sand, take sunbath and swim in the sea – for sure you will enjoy! In Alicante you can feel the summer very well.

 The beach has a great view -in one site you can see modern building of the Hotel Melia Alicante. Close there is Port of Alicante with Harbour.  If you look in another side you can see the mountain dominated city with a Santa Barbara Castle.

A place on the beach that I really like is a modern, pedestrian white bridge, from which you can look around.


2. In love of Explanada de España

Thing I really love in Alicante is famous Explanada de EspañaIt is one of the paseos in Spain I enjoyed the mostWhen you will spend days on the beach trying get summer brown color on your skin- absolutelly  arrange a time to walk entire lenth of the Explanada de España. It is amazing promenada made by marble floortiles of wavy forms. That white -blue – red composition looks really great with palms growing around and sea view. Recommended absolutelly – you can not miss this experinece. It is worth seeing in the day when there is a lot of sun and at night with the lights.


Explanada de España is also a place of concerts, street market, restaurants. This promenada goes also close to the Port of Alicante – where are boats and ships… I liked the most spectacular Galleon Santísima Trinidad.


3. Following the tail of the castle

Santa Bárbara Castle this is another important atraccion in Alicante in which you can fall in love. It is located on a Mount Benacantil. Way up is quite long, but view around for the city, nature, old  ruins compensate your tiredness.

On a mountain trail you can enjoy the typical for dry Mediterrean climate nature: pine trees, bushes.

There is also a wonderful fourmation of rock la cara del moro – the moor’s face. At the top you can see a Spanish flag and feel like a winner when you research it.

Around the Mouth Benacantil is situated amazing district owith antique apartments – Barrio Santa Cruz .





4. Discovering the city

The next path you may choose is escapade in the city.


Worth seeing are:

  • Plaza Gabriel Miro;
    with famous Rubber Trees – old, great baobabs;
  • Plaza de Toros – bullring;
  • Panteon de Quijano – especially when ark of shurbs is covered with flowers.




I will return to Spain!

These few days were no sufficient. When I was on a plane back to Poland, I felt need to return as soon as possible. Trip to Alicante left me with the hope of making another travel and have the possibility discovery of more amazing places that Spain has…


18 thoughts on “4 places like from Paradice in Alicante Spain

  1. I’m really delighted you liked and enjoyed alicante. Many foreign visitors only focus on visiting Madrid and Barcelona and completely disregard Alicante.
    Hope you come back soon! I would also love to visit Poland sometime 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Of course – it was city really worth to see 🙂 Hope to come there soon again.
      I am living now in Madrid and I visited Barcelona – they are also amazing. And that’s true – they are very tourist. You have to see Poland for sure – the best is in the summer 🙂


    1. Yes it is ! 🙂 I love Spain also. I am happy that I can live here for some period of the time. I am welcome and thank you. I wish you a lot of amazing travels. I invite to follow my blog- I am going to publish here more about Spain.


    1. I’ve never visited Seville, but I would like to. I’ve been to Barcelona and i is really amazing city ! Also I recommend Valencia with her great and modern Ciudad de las Ciencias y Artes 😀


  2. Another great post! When we lived in Spain (Madrid) each summer my father would drive my mom and my two brothers and me to Alicante to spend a month at the beach. I still remember that on one of the beaches there was a huge rock that my father would jump off of into the sea.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So you know Alicante very well ! It sounds that you really had fun there with your family. Great to had such amazing possibility to spend full month in the beach. I’ve been to Alicante -but just few days and it is definitelly no enought !

      Liked by 1 person

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