5 useful tips for travelers

How you can easily plan your travel?

These tips can help you make your trip simple and awesome. The tools I present here I and my friends have used in our trips. They are verified and can be helpful to develop your own trip. In the modern, technology world everything is getting really easy.

1. Get knowledge about place

Everybody know that London, Barcelona, Rome, Athens, etc. are famous and worth to see cities. Question is what exactly to visit there and how to organize the trip schedule. In the era of the Internet you can get extensive knowledge by the most popular and well-know websites.

You do not know what to visit – just google it! Write in Google search name of the interesting you place and you will see the most popular posts about them. Here you can read few tips how to search sucesfull, fast and efortless. Of course if you wanna get wide knowledge these websites are no enought- but for basic informations are perfect.

a/ Reading about places

  • Wikipedia
    Very simple and very usufull is Wikipedia. Usually in the secions as Cityscape or Art and Culture are pointed the most important attractions. It is like a beggining point to make future search about them. In Wikipedia you can also see photos of famous buildings/places/monuments.
  • Trip Advisor
    Popular travel page is TripAdvisor. You can find there things to do, hotels, restaurants, etc. and also read opinios other people leaved.

b/ Vizualizing your knowledge

  • Google Imagines
    It is great to text in Google names of cities choosed for your trip and then click in Google Imagines. Usually there are the most popular areas, then you can search about their names. Also when you read f. ex. name of famous parks you can search their name and then watch pictures  and verificate if you want to go there.
  • YouTube
    You choosed places to visit – time to verify how they look, before see them in your eyes. Write in Youtube city you would like to visit and you can find a lot of videos presenting famous places. I reccommend also timelapses.

2.Create your map

  • Google Drive
    Google Drive is amazing for a lot of kind of document collected in online cloud. To use it firstly  you have to had Google account (it includes Gmail and Google + profile).  Acess to Google Drive is by Gmail account. It is very easy create that e-mail.
    For use your map in Google Drive you have to clic New -> More > Google MyMaps. Then in the map you have possibility to find and identify objects you choosed to visit. You can see which of them are close to each other. That is usufull to contruct make of your holidays.

3. Plan transport

The next question is how to get there?

A/ Fro your country/city to your destination

  • GoEuro
    It isery usefull webside for search cheap buses, trains and flights. You can buy the tickets using it or by go directly to webside of company of the buses/airlines. Sometimes you can see informations about discounts.
  • Blablacar
    That webside is giving you possiblity to find cheap way of travelling, by join car route with some more people.

B/ In the city you are visiting

  • Google Map
    You choose My location -> directions -> name of the place to go. By using this tool you may check how to go somewhere by:
    a/ car
    you see streets and time which take the distance;
    b/ public transport
    you see names and numbers of the buses/metro/ trains/ etc., distance of the closer stations from your location; names of stations; number of stations you have to get; time which get your route.
    c/ walking
    you see few the fastes routes you can take;  streets; time which take the distance.

4. Book your stay

Very popular and recommendable webside is:

  • Airbnb
    You can book really cheap flats, rooms in the flats, choose area you are going to stay,read opinios of others, contact witth the owner.

5.Construct your plan

Now when you have everything reserched; last step is to make plan. You can use again Google Drive for keep all information in online cloud and can acces it from all computer, androids and ipads:

  • GoogleDocs which is pretty similar to Microsoft Word; is giving you possibilty to write you plan in the points – days, places, hours;
  • GoogleSheets – similar to Microsoft Excel; you can create the table with the days, places, hours;
  • MyMap – map you created before helps you to order places for visit in the days of your stay . For calculate the time of going from one attraction to another you can use Google Map.

Everything is possible !

Like you can see everything is easier that you could think. I recommed first to read, watch photos, videos about places, then identify them in the map, check distance between the identificated points and make the plan.The most popular Google tools can do for you near everything, for make your trip really simple. Very important is also organize transport and book place to sleep -but there is a lot of usufull websites; so you can make it eaisly.

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